The Golden Platter



Smoked salmon with, rocket and apple slices served with citrus vinaigrette and an avocado mousse.

Smoked trout on a bed of lettuce with avocado, chilli, radishes and a mint mousse

Platters of savouries –your choice of: Samoosas, spring rolls chilli bites, pies, rissoles Cutlets, crumbed fish &crumbed chicken etc, served with dips and sauces.




 Fish Main Meal

Grilled line fish in a cream lemon butter sauce served with potatoes, creamed spinach 


Chocolate mousse                

Chocolate brownies

Malva pudding

Peppermint Tart,etc,,...................................

Cream cakes


             Main Meals

Rice Dishes

Chicken, lamb or vegetable curry

Chicken, lamb or vegetable Biryani

Prawn curry and rice



Leg of lamb with      veggies                       

Lamb Shanks in gravy

BBQ Chops with Sheesh kebabs

Lasagne-chicken or beef with garlic bread




Chinese noodles with beef and peppers

Chinese noodles with prawns and spring onion.



Grilled Portuguese chicken

BBQ Chicken wings

Peri-  peri  chicken


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